Radiation Safety Policies and Procedures

  Radiation Safety Program Word PDF
  Radiation Safety Enforcement Policy Word PDF
  Failure to Respond to Notice of Violation Enforcement Policy Word PDF
  Shared Facilities Policy Word PDF
1.1 Radiation Safety Program Organization and Administration Word PDF
1.2 Radiation Safety Records Word PDF
1.3 Radiation Safety Reports Word PDF
1.4 Fetal Protection Program Word PDF
1.5 Radiation Safety Audit Program Word PDF
1.6 ALARA Program Word PDF
1.7 Radiation Safety Training Word PDF
2.1 Ordering, Receiving, Opening, and Transferring Packages Containing Radioactive Materials Word PDF
2.2 Posting and Labeling for Radiation Safety Word PDF
2.3 Sealed Radioactive Source Use, Inventories, and Leak Tests Word PDF
2.4 Radiological Surveys Word PDF
3.1 Individual Monitoring Program Word PDF
3.1.1 External Dosimetry Program Word PDF
3.2 Calibration of Radiation Monitoring Instruments Word PDF
3.3 Clearance of Areas, Individuals, Materials, and Equipment Word PDF
4.1 Quality Management Program Word PDF
4.2 Control and Optimization of Patient Exposure Word PDF
4.3 Radiation Safety During Brachytherapy Procedures Word PDF
4.4 Radiation Safety During Therapeutic Radiopharmaceutical Procedures Word PDF
4.5 Radiation Safety During Y-90 Microsphere Treatment Word PDF
5.1 Radiation Safety Involving Irradiators Word PDF